Claire Hope Cummings
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Uncertain Peril
Uncertain Peril is a powerful reminder that what’s at stake is nothing less than the nature of the future.

"Although the advent of GM foods has been described and criticized before, Uncertain Peril is the most coherent, complete, compelling, and well-written account yet.

Cummings brings to her treatise a wealth of experience with indigenous farmers in Vietnam, Hawaii, and Mexico. She knows the cultural origins and importance of food as well as the hard science.

At the heart of her treatise is a moral conviction that the integrity of the natural world must be respected and that we have a fundamental right to choose what we eat and to know what is in the food we eat."

Chip Ward, "Catalyst", July 2008

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“A must-read for anyone concerned about plants and what the privatization and manipulation of seeds may mean for the future of food.”
Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Winner of the Mary W. Klinger Award for "Outstanding Book"
From the Society for Economic Botany, June 2009

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Uncertain Peril won the 2009 American Book Award!